Tasos Protopsaltou

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Tasos Protopsaltou, Set and Costume Designer, Don Giovanni

The approach of the opera pertaining to the post modern scope.

There are references to the stylized aesthetic universe of the 90’s as this was reflected in Pedro Almodovar’s world as well as an attitude in diverse artistic fields in the context of the opera by both Stefanos Koroneos and myself.

I use Rococo references regarding the dramatic time of the opera. Studying the theatrical manner in which the fabrics were folded in that time period giving me the inspiration to essentially “dress” the setting. In our case though I have used a contemporary technological material such as polymer cellophane instead of velvet or brocade. I encounter Spain which is the dramatic setting of this opera through the tauruses which I reformed in the set design with the aid of light. Additionally there are references to Piet Mondrian’s geometry which have influenced the contemporary visual culture.
Tasos Protopsaltou

Tasos Protopsaltou’s, short video summarizing the aesthetic references of Teatro Grattacielo production of Don Giovanni featuring the emblematic bag.


Tasos Protopsaltou is a scenographer, costume designer, and Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Fine Arts, University of Western Macedonia, Greece. Born in Greece,

he studied Performing Arts, Scenography, Costume Design and Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, National School of Cinema in Rome and Wimbledon School of Arts. His work includes direction for opera, stage, costume and light design for theatre, dance, opera and experimental forms of performing arts, installations and performances.

His main research areas are the relation between Visual and Performing Arts, the visual transcription of the dramaturgy in the performative context and the History of Opera. In 2009, founded the Scenography and Costume Design Course at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia. Tasos has taught, lectured and published internationally. Tasos’ credits include the first staging of L’Incoronazione di Poppea in Greece (2011). Tasos was a nominee for the European Opera Award under 35 for Direction and Scenography. He was invited as Professor for Opera Design at the Academia di Belle Arti di Venezia in spring 2017. Tasos is a member of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) of Unesco and The Visual Arts Chamber of Greece.

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