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Join the growing list of local residents who share their home with an artist during the festival The International Festival of the Voice is proud to serve the Hudson Valley by bringing international artists together with the community in a spirit of creativity and artistry, and we encourage anyone and everyone to become involved! We are very excited to welcome the talents of world-renowned artists, and look forward to making their collaboration with us an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In an effort to make the artists feel at home and a part of our community, the Festival is seeking local residents of the Hudson Valley who are willing to open their homes to one of these generous people for the duration of the Festival. This is a great service to the Festival and to the artists, and your generosity is what makes this tremendous event possible.

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Previous Host

“I have found hosting young and not so young artists a real pleasure. Hearing the singers checking their voices and the musicians practicing is delightful. Most enjoyable is having conversations with people so enthusiastic about what they do. I am looking forward to this year as I looked forward to each prior year.” Nat Dershowitz, Phoenicia N.Y.


“The 2014 Phoenicia Festival of the Voice was a joy for many reasons.
For us, one of the unexpected pleasures was hosting some one of the performers and the technical crew in our home. As you would expect, they were charming and entertaining company. In addition, we gained a depth of understanding and personal connection to the performances that we could not have had any other way. It was one of the highlights of our year. We recommend it without reservation.” Simon Fraser, Phoenicia  NY

“We are delighted to be able to host some of the performers from The Festival of the Voice at our BnB.    Not only is it a pleasure to be able to contribute to the great cultural event that the FOV have brought to Phoenicia, but we truly enjoy getting to know some of the talented artists that make this festival such a joy. We are so grateful to the extraordinary efforts the organizers make to really make this a world class event and are happy to be a small part of the hosting.”
Tom & Dana Fraser Phoenicia Bell BnB.

If interested in sharing your home with one of the Festival’s artists, tell us about you and the location of the property.
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