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Pagliacci, Opera Stage Director Maria Todaro-3 Phoenicia 2021

Question: When is the festival?
Answer: June 28-30th 2024

Question: Where is the festival?
Answer: We present shows in multiple venues check our “ where” page for detailed addresses.

Question: Is a parking lot nearby?
Answer: A huge parking lot is directly across the road from the festival grounds.

Question: Is there public transportation from NYC to New Paltz?
Answer: Trailways operates a bus to 139 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561

Question: How far is the Trailways bus station to the festival?
Answer: 3.3 miles from the Trailways Bus stop at 139 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561 to the festival’s main field at 249 Libertyville Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561.

Question: Is the festival handicap accessible?
Answer: The Festival is committed to enabling everyone to hear music in harmony and comfort. For handicapped or disabled patrons, the existing parking lots in our venues have already specially designated spaces. Our main stage area, is flat but grassy, and if your wheelchair has difficulty moving on it, we’ll gladly drive you to your seat in a golf cart.

Question: How do I purchase tickets?
Answer: Tickets are general seating and may be purchased in advance on this website, by phone, or at the entrance gate prior to performances. VIP ticket holders will be brought to their special VIP chairs in front of the main stage. All tickets are sold on a first come basis and subject to limit restrictions. All Tickets are Non-Refundable including weather related closures but the festival is a Rain or Shine Festival.

Question: Are children allowed at the festival?
Answer: Bring the whole family, general admission for children under 12 years of age is only $5.00 per event. Hudson Valley International Festival of the Voice welcomes children and invites them to run around and play freely and happily before the music starts and during intermissions. Once the baton is raised and the show begins, we expect all children to do what every theatergoer should do—behave in a way that respects both their fellow audience-members and the performers on stage

Question: Are pets allowed?
Answer: Pets are not allowed on the performance field.

Question: Are there Restrooms
Answer: Yes, restroom are available at all events.

Question: Why does the “general pass” only include evening performances, and not the daytime events?
Answer:  Our usual festival is a multi-event one, so usually many of the daytime events are held in small venues, with limited seating.  To avoid overcrowding, tickets must be purchased separately for the individual daytime event. This year, only nighttime events.. so yes! there is a pass.

Question: I purchased tickets online.  Will these be sent to me, or do I pick them up when I come to the festival?
Answer:  After your online purchase, print your receipt, and bring it with you to the festival. Due to Covid 19 limitations, we encourage you to purchase your ticket asap online. seating is limited and we are trying to avoid long lines and too many manipulations.

Question: May I buy advance tickets in person, rather than online?
Answer: Yes, tickets may be purchased at the festival Ticket booth. but again , this year, we encourage you to purchase online.

Question: What if I lose my ticket? Will I get a refund or replacement tickets?
Answer: You can reprint it! But no refund.

Question: May I bring my dog with me?
Answer: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the performances.

Question: How does weather affect the festival?
Answer: The festival has several outdoor rain or shine events, Acts on our outdoors stage are subject to change without notice. That’s right! In the tradition of outdoor festivals throughout the world, the show goes on regardless of the weather – rain or shine! We do suggest you come prepared, please pack a rain jacket and umbrella.

Question: What should I bring?
Answer: May we suggest you bring the following: lawn chair (low), blanket, sunscreen, a hat, bug spray, water, umbrella, picnic, or enjoy our local food vendors and wineries.

Question: How early may I arrive for the evening events?
Answer:  Admission to the field is scheduled to start at 7:00pm. VIP are invited to arrive as early as 6:30pm. a pre-talk before the show will be offered to them.

Question: I know there is limited parking close to the Field. How do I get to the performance if I park in one of the outer lots?
Answer: There will be a shuttle van between the larger parking lots and the Field for the evening events.

Question: Can I bring food with me?
Answer: Absolutely! Bring a picnic and your favorite beverage. Some even bring tables, candles… But if you do not, you will find everything you need in town or even on the field.

Question: How long does the opera last?
Answer: Please visit our Upcoming Events page for performance time and many other show details.

Question: Will I understand what they are singing?
Answer: Yes. English translations of the lyrics are projected on tow jumbotron screens by the stage as they are sung. And a full synopsis of the opera is provided  on our website . This year, we will provide a QR code to access our program online.

Question: If it rains will I be refunded?
Answer: All Tickets are Non-Refundable.

Question:  What is appropriate dress for the festival and weather conditions?
Answer:  We are in the Catskill Mountains, where temperatures can drop to the 50’s on summer and fall evenings, please do come prepared. Of course, rain too is always a possibility. Dress comfortably, the Festival does not have a dress code.

Did we miss something? Please contact us, were happy to help!