With gratitude and joy,

surrounding mountains of New Paltz New York

With gratitude and joy,

we reflect upon 13 years of The International Festival of the Voice presented in Phoenicia N.Y., a quaint and picturesque town in upstate New York. As we now look forward to our upcoming 15th year anniversary and celebration, we have begun exploring a new venue to fulfill our vision, allowing us to serve even more deeply our community, impact through the healing power of vocal music more greatly the youth in our region and continue to make a transformative difference, which unfortunately was limited within the confines of a small town.

Currently, we are in discussions with SUNY New Paltz, developing a partnership to expand our creative endeavors

within a town and a campus offering easy accessibility from the thruway, ample parking, multiple stages and outdoor spaces for many to attend. We also look forward to the interactions of our artists, directors and industry recognized production crew with their students, sharing hands on mentorships which have previously prepared many to be qualified and hired within their field of studies.

For Todaro and festival organizers, SUNY New Paltz is an ideal prospect due to its
renowned School of Fine & Performing Arts, multiple stages and outdoor spaces, close
proximity to the Thruway and public transportation, and ample parking, among other
logistical advantages. Because the campus is located in Ulster County like Phoenicia, it
offers a smooth transition for dedicated festival attendees, volunteers, and current
patrons as well as expanding access to a wider audience. Jeni Mokren, Dean
of the School of Fine & Performing Arts at SUNY New Paltz said “The
potential partnership is especially exciting for us and New Paltz students who will
interact with Festival artists, directors, and an industry-recognized production crew,
sharing hands-on mentorships that have previously prepared many to be qualified and
hired within their field of studies.”
From Daily Freeman 03/23

As for our attendees, volunteers and current patrons, New Paltz located within the same Ulster County as the township of Phoenicia, offers a smooth and accessible transition. We will be releasing updates to this venture as our visions and partnership develops, please visit our website for details.

Maria Todaro General Director Founder; The International Festival of the Voice

suny new paltz campus photo

SUNY New Paltz

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