Is art still the way?

As James Joyce famously stated, “history is a nightmare from which I’m trying to awake,” Is art still the way?

In this crazy, angry, turbulent times we find ourselves in today, The Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice begins a series of questions on the relevance of Art and Opera in the world today.

Join Us,
Engage our blog post; let us know your thoughts, hopes, experiences of how Art and Opera has changed your life and please, help by sharing this and our subsequent post in this exploration.

Today’s question;
Our upcoming 2022 Festival will present Don Giovanni and La Traviata, exploring the opposite side of the same coin, our vulnerability within relationships. The first, exclusively for self-satisfaction while the latter, a complete sacrifice for love and the other.
Does this still move us, is this still relevant in life and love today?

 From today’s modern perspective, what do these two classic opera’s reveal of the eternal experience and pursuit of love? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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